Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Hate F*@k by Ainsley Booth

My rating: ★★★
Genre: NA, romance, erotica
Series: Hate F*@k #1

Blurb from Goodreads:
Warning: This is just the start. This doesn't end well. And it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better.

I push her buttons. I want to push them in the good way. Dirty, up-against-the-wall, my-hand-in-her-pants kind of way.
But that’s not possible, because I’m dark and she’s light, and we both know it.
So I push her buttons in the bad way, making her hate me. 

If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d ask for Cole Parker to never look at me again, that I’d forget the dark promise in his eyes, and that just once, before he vanished from my life completely, that he’d push me up against a wall and fuck me.
Then I’d go wash my mouth out with soap

My review:

This woman turns me into a simpering idiot. And if she'd have me, I'd give it all up and try to be a better man for her.

*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for honest review*

I didn't have any expectations about this. And I'm glad I didn't. 'Cause it made it a thousand times better. 

Did I get the title? Not at all. 
Did I like the cover? Not at all. 
Was I calm while reading this? Not at all. 
Did I love it? Oh yes indeed. 

Comically, when I first read the synopsis all I could picture was the locker room showers in Teen Wolf. Huh? Weird doesn't even begin to cover it. So, I thereby thought the book would take place in a high school and it would be about a boy - probably a football player, the "golden-son" with a tat too much self-love - and a girl - the grown-up one with a lot to say but who doesn't open her mouth - with the only thing in common would be there attraction to each other. I was wrong. No, I wasn't wrong. I was really, incredibly, so butterflyingly wrong. 

This does not take place in a high school. 
It's not about two teenagers with raging hormones. 

So after my incident with the Teen Wolf showers I was braving myself for a short, high school, erotica book. It wasn't. There wasn't any Teen Wolf showers and it wasn't high school. 

If we met at a different time and place, I’d want you to teach me how to be GOOD. Because you’re so good it makes me wish I had a HEART. For you, I’d try to be an average man, with feelings and everything.
When you first start reading this book you are introduced to our two main characters; Hailey and Cole. Two very messed up individuals. According to me, they fit perfectly together. Don't all messed up characters? So the thing about "Hate Fuck"? It did not make sense to me. 

I did not get the "Hate Fuck" part. I get that they weren't that fond of each other, but hate? Nuhu. I did not either get the synopsis. It sounds like abuse and this book was not abuse. They were equally committed to their "relationship" which - according to me - does not count as abuse. All of it was just plain, absurd thoughts. Nothing to get worked up about. 

Yes, that is it for me it would seem. I don't think I can comment on that much more, except for one thing! The cliff hanger! I am dying to know the secret motives behind that last sentence. Gaaah!

I’ve tasted beautiful and I’m not letting her go.

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