Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feminism & erotica novels

I have something to say and I need to frank about it.

Some people have asked me how I can be a feminist and at the same time read and like erotica novels. I guess what they're asking me is how I can read books that they think are condescending towards women when I stand for the exact opposite.
So what you're asking me right now is how I can read a book about two people who are attracted to each other, two people who have sex because they are attracted to each other and because they enjoy it? You must be butterflying mental because I really don't see what you use to think with.

Let me remind you what feminism is all about. Feminism is about equality between both genders.
So the real question you're asking me right now is: How can you support books that drags women under the surface and supports men's need?
Have you ever thought that maybe women likes sex too? That we like to pleasure ourselves? That we can be just as turned on as men? Because we can. We have everything in common with men except for one single chromosome.

I am all about women having the same rights and possibilities as men. If I or any other woman would want to work as a pilot, truck-driver or any other work that the world considers "manly" then that woman should be able to do that. Just because we have a vagina and you have a penis doesn't mean that we're incapable to do certain things.

Back to the actual subject. How can I read erotica novels when they - according to you - pull women below the surface?
As I told you before I am all about women feeling and experiencing the exact same things as men and for men to feel and experience the exact same things as women.

In erotica novels it's hardly ever that the woman the story revolves around doesn't enjoy herself. She enjoys sex 'cause that's how we're built. Sex is a natural thing to us and if you think you're really complex and intellectual by asking me that same question over and over again I suggest you take a step back and start asking yourself why you think that.
Now, I'm not saying that people aren't entitled to their own opinions; 'cause they are! But if I've told you over and over again how I feel about feminism and erotica novels mashing together then that's it. If you think I have a horrible opinion then fine, let it be, but it's my opinion and it's not changing.

You get to have you're opinion but that doesn't mean that I have to feel and think the exact same as you. My opinion is my opinion, and your opinion is your opinion. It's not harder than that.

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