Tuesday, February 17, 2015

50 Shades of Pink by K. T. Grant

My rating: ★★★+0.5
Genre: Adult, contemporary: romance
Series: stand-alone

Blurb from Goodreads:
Living in Manhattan and working at Virago, one of the most successful women’s magazines in the nation is a dream come true for Lindsay Pinke. After five years of being overworked and underpaid in the research department, she’s finally noticed by Colette Duarte, the provocative executive editor of the magazine. She offers Lindsay the coveted role as her personal assistant, but first she must prove she’s worthy of the position. Lindsay must interview Victoria Nox, the elusive and extremely private CEO of Nox Media Holdings. If Lindsay succeeds, Colette promises her great things for her publishing career. If Lindsay fails, her chance as a respected writer will be cut short.

A chance meeting with Victoria at a high class function puts into motion a series of events that leaves Lindsay blindsided by her strong physical reaction to the magnetic but foreboding woman. When Lindsay unwittingly falls into Victoria’s world of dark temptations and complex entanglements, she leans the shocking truth Victoria hides about Colette that rocks Lindsay to her very core.

Now that Lindsay has become a balm on Victoria's soul, is she strong enough to help Victoria confront her shameful past, and stop one woman's sick games once and for all?

My review:

That's a strange way to describe it. 

*eARC provided through NetGalley in exchange for honest review*

When I first saw this on NetGalley I was a actually a bit surprised. Mostly because I thought this was a fan fiction and I was confused as to why a fan fiction had been physically published. Very confused, so to say. 
I have read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and yes, I did like it. That does not mean that I support rape, if anything I'm one of the most anti-rape individuals you'll ever meet. 
Back to the subject! I saw this on NetGalley and as previous mentioned, I thought it was a fan fiction. Turns out, it's not. This is Fifty Shades of Grey with a lesbian element and without the BDSM, etc. 
I think that if you've read Fifty Shades of Grey (or not. It doesn't matter) you should read this book. It's only 210 pages (yes, that is a problem) and very easy to get through. 
I had some troubles with how things turned out and that it all was incredibly rushed but yes, I did like it. 

*If you're a homophobic (which you really shouldn't be. It's 2015) than you probably shouldn't read this book*


Suddenly Victoria turned from being the stone-cold CEO to a fuzzy little teddy bear. 
I had some really big problems with it all being so rushed. I get that they both were attracted to each other but what I didn't get was why they had sex the first time they kissed. 
So Lindsay found out about what Colette did to Victoria and then they kiss in the guest house at Veronica's parents place. After that they somehow end up having sex. What? Just what? All I could feel was: "What the fning hell is happening?" I mean, I did enjoy that part and I thought it was nice but it felt too rushed. 

In my opinion not that many people succeed in writing books that only last for around 200 pages. I feel like this book could've been improved by maybe 100 more pages of story. That's why I gave i 3.5 stars. It was all too rushed. 
I absolutely loved the idea of it and that it was about two women (!!!), but for it to be rated five stars, Grant could've drawn out the beginning and ending a bit, added some more about Colette and written what happens with Lindsay and Victoria once they travel to England. 
In the ending I felt like the author couldn't be bothered with the story and just decided for Victoria to travel to England because she couldn't be bothered and that was very sad. 

This is the first book I've read that focuses on homosexuality and I'd love to read more. 

Life is one big game. 

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