Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wattpad & Nico Forrest Problems

I am not okay. 

The reason for me not being okay is something I'm planning on revealing to you soon, but not yet. 

You all surely know what Wattpad is. I'd be shocked if you didn't. 
And if you now belong to that small majority that has no fning idea what it's all about; Wattpad is basically a website/app where you read books. It's self-published books to read for free and the whole thing is just completely wonderful. I love it.

Blurb about bleh
So yesterday I came across a YA contemporary novel called Mail Boy by Yasmin Osman (read it here). Just the title sounds amazing and this cover (!!!!!!!) is so maddening beautiful. 

If you want to know what it's about you have to get your ass over at Wattpad because if I try to explain this book I will end up spoiling the whole thing in pure excitement. All I can say is wow. She really did it. Yasmin Osman is hereby one of the few authors that have mentally moved me. Once I finished the published chapters I felt sick. 

So, now on to the part of me not being okay. She has not finished this book. She's written, I believe, 28 chapters (??) and is not done yet. Which means that I will not know what will happen to Zoey and Nico unil she publishes another chapter. And that could be anytime, really. 

And as much as I love Wattpad, that's also what I hate about it. Waiting for another chapter to be published is like waiting for the sequel to one of your favorite books. It. Is. Painful. 

Actual book discussion
(since the whole book has not actually been published this will not count as a book review. One will be coming once the whole book is published, though.)

Let's start of with talking about this novel. 
This wonderful author puts song quotes in the beginning of every chapter (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, SOULMATE?) 


  • A mean, annoying stuck up character and obviously, he's completely stunning and you can not help but fall in love with him. Nico Forrest.
  • A main character who is witty and can, at the same time, be very serious and understanding. Zoey Hunter. 
  •  Two guy friends who are not stuck up bitches (excuse me). James & Joel.
  • A lot of kissing (hrm, hrm, not one bit spoilery). 
  • A completely wonderful and heart-warming story. 
I mean, what more could you ask of a book? 

I seriously considered screaming out my pain and frustration when I finished the latest chapter. That last sentence really hurt me. It. Was. Painful. 

Remember the stuff I said about her being one out of few authors to mentally move me? Bullshit. I don't care that the book's written on Wattpad and that it actually shouldn't be considered a book. Yasmin Osman is one of my favorite authors. Yes, author. Becuase she is an author. A very, very, very great author and she deserves whatever hype is about to come, which I can promise everyone, will come. 


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