Thursday, March 19, 2015

Savin' Me by Alannah Lynne

My rating: ★★★
Genre: Adult, romance; erotica
Series: Heat Wave #1

Blurb from Goodreads:
Lies. Deceit. Backstabbing friends… Welcome to the jungle known as advertising…

Kat Owens can tell you all about the snake-infested world of big-time advertising. Thanks to an ex-best friend co-worker and a gone-wrong love affair with a client, she’s forced to leave her large Charlotte agency for a small-town coastal one. It’s do-or-die time to prove she can be a success to the aging grandfather she adores. Which means she can’t afford to be distracted by a client who’s a walking, talking definition of sex… Even if he is the man who stole her heart thirteen months before in a one-night stand she can’t forget.

Erik Monteague is a handsome, charismatic, highly respected businessman who has it all. Or so it seems. Only his closest friends know the truth about the guilt and emotional scars he carries, or why, following his fiancée’s death, he invoked the twenty-four/two rule. He never spends more than twenty-four hours with a woman, he rarely dates them twice, and he never thinks about them afterward.

But Kat Owens is different. She cheated him out of twelve hours, and now he can’t forget her. At least that’s what he tells himself, because admitting the truth is too dangerous. When she suddenly appears in his hometown, he sets out to finish what they started thirteen months earlier. But while his perfectly executed seduction gets Kat back in his bed, the emotional fallout is more than he counted on. Will he face his tragic past once and for all… or spend the rest of his life running?

My review:

And bein’ a good person is more important than any job you’ll ever do. Don’t ya forget it.

I hate to admit it but I judge this book so much by its cover. From the look of it, it's all just bleh. I'm not a fan of these cheesy erotica novel covers and will never be. 

But never mind the cover oh my god! Alannah Lynne deserves an award for this. A really really big award. And excuse me in advance for this not being the most committed review. I say it once again; school's a bitch. 

You know how I complain about characters being underdeveloped and that it's a big turn off for me when reading a book. If I ever hear anyone - doesn't matter who - saying that any of these characters are underdeveloped, I will haunt them. To the ends of the earth. Forever. And ever. And ever. 
The characters were everything but underdeveloped. You understood all their actions thanks to the flashbacks etc and God am I grateful for that. I absolutely hate stories where the characters are unknown and underdeveloped. I think that is because when you're reading a book you want to be involved in it. If the characters are well developed and described throughout the story you get a bigger sense of affiliation than you do if the characters are underdeveloped. If the characters are underdeveloped, you feel more like a bystander than an actual character yourself which many people seek while reading a book. Big points for the characters.

The love story itself was incredible. I usually don't like books where they meet and then the next sentence blowing up in your face is *two years laters*. If they are each other's true loves then just make this easy on all of us - love each other! Don't go get married and have kids 'cause it'll ruin you. So yes, I was hesitant to the *13 months later*. But God was I wrong. I loved the *13 months later* in this book. It showed just how much they had affected each other and it was just sooooo sweet. 

I think the reason behind Erik's incapability to admit his love was important. I read a few reviews on Goodreads with inclinations that Erik couldn't admit that he loved Kat because he was selfish. SELFISH?! If I got a say I'd stand up straight and scream out all the pent up frustration I've built up to these people. You think Erik's incapability was selfish? In what way, may I ask? I think he was anything but selfish because he didn't want to hurt Kat. I know exactly what you're about to say so just shut up. If he hadn't been so SELFISH he'd realize that he not admitting his feeling hurt Kat. One thing, negative-person-who-is-banned-from-my-life, do you think he didn't want to admit his feelings for her? Of course he wanted to but he was scared and he thought that he loving her would cause her much more pain than him letting her go. Just sayin'. 

The ending was cheesy, yes. But who am I to complain? We all say that everything shouldn't have a happy ending but we get goddamned irritated if it doesn't have a happy ending so swerve. 

Four big, affectionate and full-of-love stars. Alannah Lynne, you deserve big, fast awards. 

He recognized this particular act for what it was: a woman’s need to mark her man. The scary part was, he didn’t care. Hell, at this moment, if she wanted to tattoo her name on his ass, he’d go buy the fucking ink.

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