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Hard & Fast by Ana Gabriel

My rating: ★★★
Genre: NA, romance
Series: Rules to Break #1

Blurb from Goodreads: 
Rose Weatherston was top of her acting class in small-town Illinois, but in Hollywood, the only roles she’s being offered are spots on the casting couch. 

Faced with the possibility of having to go back home with her tail between her legs, Rose takes a job as a personal assistant to bridge the gap until she can finally land a legitimate acting role. 
The advertisement calls for someone discreet, available 24/7, and willing to live-in.
It sounds terrible, and more than a little ominous, but as Rose’s best friend points out, beggars can’t be choosers. 

Turns out that she’ll be working for Cole Dean, the international movie star whose face is on the cover of every tabloid. Cole Dean, the lady killer with the mysterious past, electric green eyes and devil’s smile. Cole Dean, who turns out to be wickedly charming and sexy as hell.

Rose tries to deny the instant, intense, and very unwanted attraction. After all, she didn’t say no to the casting couch this many times just to end up sleeping with her boss. But when their mutual desire becomes too much to bear, Rose sets up some ground rules between them. 

She never wants to see Cole naked. Ever again. So he can stop working out shirtless and stripping when he knows she’s watching.
She won’t be a personal lackey in his depraved sex life. Thank you very much.
And absolutely, under no circumstances, will they have sex.

But Cole Dean’s charm proves difficult to resist, and before long, Rose finds herself wanting to break every single one of her own rules.

My review:

The problem, Rose, is that it's different for men. Men are allowed to be promiscuous and society turns a blind eye. They can sleep with a dozen girls in one night, and what do they get? A slap on the back and big congratulations. But a woman does the same? She's a slut. A whore. 

*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for honest review*

*this whole review is kinda spoilery so don't read it, if not read the actual book*

Not the most committed review because of reasons. 

Hottie-alert as butterfly. 
I'd be surprised if someone told me they don't want a Cole Dean 'cause hot damn! 

First of all, a very cliche book but irresistible, so the cliche parts are easily over-looked, thank God. The whole setting up rules thing against their relationship felt a bit useless since we all knew what would happen anyway. Wow, I'm sounding really non-committed right now, sorry. 

Overall, I did enjoy this. Therefor, the four stars. It didn't "touch me in a specific way", as I've said before but it was easy to read and enjoyable. There were some parts where frustration would get the best of me and I'd put it down. But, after a while I picked it back up again. Typical, I know. I had some problems with it but nothing too big. 

I had some problems with the underdeveloped characters. Now, don't take me wrong. I think Rose was amazing with the dream of becoming an actress etc. but Cole. Uh no. Cole couldn't be more underdeveloped and it was a put-off. We barely got to know anything about him, with the exception of the things Rose knew from press and media, which I think is really sad 'cause I think that if Ana Gabriel had taken to develop him a bit more the book would've gotten twice as good. 

I feel like we never got to know if their relationship settled. In the end we really don't get to know if they try to have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.
Also I had trouble understanding why Rose and Cole fell for each other. There were never times when Rose would feel fuzzy for something he did, except for the sex. Same for Cole; I don't know if he fell in love with her for the way she was or for the way she questioned him but I never felt the wow-I'm-falling-in-love feeling while read this. But that's just my thoughts. 

And as previously mentioned, I did enjoy it, nonetheless. Cole was cute at times and as much as I think he's a dull person with a tat too much self-love I couldn't help but like him. Rose, I liked from the beginning but was annoyed with at times.  

I read this out loud to my friend at some points where I knew she'd get uncomfortable - the sex parts, obviously.  

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