Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chain of Command by HelenKay Dimon

My rating: ★★★+0.5
Genre: NA, romance; erotica
Series: Greenway Range #1

Blurb from Goodreads:
Retired marine Sawyer Cain can't forget all he's seen and lost, but he can try to start over. Opening a gun range with his closest friends is the first step toward a new life—one where he finally buries the guilt he can't seem to shake. So much depends on the property he needs to buy…and the gorgeous but completely frustrating woman who refuses to sell it.

Hailey Thorne is done—with loss and with anything military, after the closest thing she had to an uncle died in Afghanistan. When Sawyer shows up on her porch he has military written all over him. He's one more in a long line of people who wants the land she inherited, and suddenly he's everywhere she goes. Hailey can't get the broad-shouldered, dirty-talking, dead-serious man out of her head. Or her life.

Sawyer's not above using his skills in the bedroom to try to convince her to sell, and Hailey is more than willing to let him. Their pleasure-only arrangement works…until emotions get in the way. But Sawyer has a secret he's convinced will have Hailey hating him forever, and Hailey's not willing to risk loving anyone she could lose

My review:

*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange of honest review*

Know that it was more than a week ago that I read this so don't expect this to be a really great review. Don't ask me why I didn't do it earlier though. School's a bitch sometimes. I actually don't remember that much but I'll try my best. 

Here's the thing with this book. It's just like any other. I've read quite a few romance books lately and it's all been the same thing; they agree on a no-strings relationship but feelings get involved and they end up breaking. Then one of 'em decides to get over their problems and they get together again and a few months later they're married. It's the same in all of them. But it's so friggin good. I mean, I wouldn't read it if I didn't like this sort of books sooooo, I don't really have anything to complain about. 

I really loved the first two chapters. With the attempted bar hook-up he wasn't really on Hailey's plus side and her brining her bat made the whole thing a lot funnier. 

I know I'm gripping for threads but I'm sorry! I really can't remember my thoughts about this! 

Promise, promise, promise that I'll make the other longer. Sorry. 

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